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The Crafty Monkey Erlenmeyer bags were featured in Chemical & Engineering News today for their Holiday Gift Ideas!



To purchase, visit my Etsy store:



Visit Blue Genie for your holiday gift needs!

The Crafty Monkey has quilted wall hangings, unicorn horns, crowns, headbands, and superhero capes. And there are so many many more wonderful artists there. Open 10am-10pm every day until December 24th!


Unicorn Princess headbands

Is your little unicorn extra special, perhaps a princess, queen or empress?

07/25/14 Blog post: http://wp.me/p2gCqS-O
My maternal grandmother's 90th birthday is coming up and I wanted to make something special and meaningful that celebrates her life. I have been thinking about making a family tree quilt for years, but it is a pretty complicated project and I was a bit daunted. This was the perfect occasion to go ahead and do it.
The Crafty Monkey store at Etsy

I have started to migrate a lot of my online store to Etsy. So check out my etsy store to see my latest and greatest. Please convo or email if you would like to combine shipping on products from both Etsy and this website.




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