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I create costumes for stage, dance and Halloween. Please email with your project idea if you would like a quote.

Joseph Woullard

Golden Dawn Arkestra

Afro-futuristic cape and headdress for Golden Dawn Arkestra. The headdress was inspired by combining elements of cobra and falcon.

Robb Kidd

Golden Dawn Arkestra

Gold cape with deep hood for Robb Kidd with Golden Dawn Arkestra. I played around with triangles for the shape and design motifs. This cape was my first for a drummer, so there were special considerations to make sure his arms had full range of motion. I stuck with black and gold fabrics and found an amazing gold faux stud vinyl for the shoulders. I used a black mesh with shiny gold squares for the deep hood, so when pulled fully forward it obscures his face, but he can still see out.


Black Joe Lewis 

Custom applique for Black Joe Lewis. This Nudie Suit inspired design features snakes, poppies meandering up the sleeves and legs and a Texas Lone Star on the back. Worn on David Letterman on NBC and Austin City Limits on PBS. 

Carnaval Brasileiro 

Black Orpheus inspired dance costume for Carnaval Brasileiro 

Joseph Woullard Black Joe Lewis

I added pops of color and quilted texture into this burgundy cordouroy shirt. Worn on David Letterman.

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