Custom Orders


Below are selected photos from my fabric collection, amassed over twenty years. Most people are choosing different fabrics for each mask. It can really help instantly identify a family member or coworker when everyone has a different color or print. 

I have divided them into two sections. The first section shows fabrics that are currently available (at least half a yard).  The second section shows fabric groupings where some of the fabrics are available, but some are low or out. I try to update when I run out of a fabric by marking it with a white X, but may be out by the time I get to your order. In the case that a fabric you have chosen is unavailable, I will contact you for a second choice before subbing. I have recently removed most of the fabric grouping photos because I am out of so many of the fabrics, but email if there is a fabric you remember or want to reorder. 

The photos of single fabrics on a grid are approximately 8x8". Photos in the second section are assortments, so the scale varies.