Note: Made to order



These masks are made with a lightweight cotton denim fabric (more like shirt weight than pants) and a regular woven quilters cotton fabric for the liner. They have a metal wire at the top for adjustment near the nose and an opening for optional additional filtration material. This is the curved style. I also offer pleated style. See photos or patterns in main page for differences.


Closure options are fabric ties or elastic. Fabric ties can get a tighter fit and seem to be the more comfortable choice for long term wear. They don’t pull on the backs of ears. They also stand up to dryer heat and repeated washing much better than elastic. Elastic is easy on and off and I have a few options: black 1/4" (6mm), white and black 1/8" (3mm elastics) and a few colors of shiny cord beading elastic. I loop a single 28" piece of elastic through the channels and tie a knot so the elastic can be worn around the back of the head and not pull behind the ears. If you prefer ear elastics you can untie and cut into two pieces to make the ear ties to the length most comfortable for you. Curved regular size is around 8" wide and go from 3.5" tall at the edges near the ear and around 6.5" from nose to chin. If you are ordering for children, I have sizes with general age ranges. I can also make the masks custom size from "bridge of the nose to under the chin" measurements. Please write custom size in the notes and I will contact you with measurement instructions before making. Fit for children can be difficult, so I make no guarantees that they will give a good seal (or that you can keep the masks on child). Not intended for ages 3 and under. Fabric preferences for the front: Solids available right now: black, med grey, med blue, brown, purple, med purple and bright orange. Please visit my fabrics page if you would like to choose a print. Include print image number in notes or send me an email with screen shots. The fabrics that I use for the liners are prints that I have a large quantity of and will blend with your choice of print for the front. Fabric prints currently available are in a photo gallery on the main masks page. Some prints have limited availability so may be out by the time I get to your order. You can also request print suggestions. I have thousands of prints, but many of them small amounts that would just make one or two masks. If you would like some different options send me an email and describe the person (ie. goth nurse who likes cats) or color (bright greens, rainbow, etc). I can ship or do porch pickup in Austin. Domestic USPS First Class is $4 (or free if you spend more than $29), Priority is $7.75 and Express is $23.65. Please email for current estimates on FedEx or International Shipping. I make no medical claims about these masks. Use them at your own discretion and risk. ​Filtration material: I do not have filtration material and none is included with these masks. If you want to add filtration material to the open pocket you should research options. Filtration materials I have seen recommended are: vacuum bags, furnace filters, any flexible hepa filtration material, coffee filters, non-woven clothing interfacing or another layer of fabric like cut up tshirt material.

Denim Curved Fabric Face Mask

  • Recommendation: hand wash with hot water and soap or detergent, lay flat to dry or line dry. 

    Also ok to machine wash and dry with your clothing, but there can be issues with the nose wire bending. Place the masks in a mesh lingerie bag or pillowcase to minimize wire bending and tangling of fabric ties. Machine dried masks may need to be ironed smooth. Do not iron elastic.