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Celebrating 15 Years!!

April 14, 2017

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Celebrating 15 Years!!

April 14, 2017

I am celebrating 15 years in business with a review of my favorite work over the years. I selected both a quilted art piece and an accessory from each year.


Quilted Art 

Year- -Title- -Description

2002- -Jimi- -The first time I made multiple versions of a wall hanging design to sell.

2003- -Dark Alice- -Dark version of Tenniel's original illustration in Alice in Wonderland.

2004- -Carver Library- -Commissioned for the reopening of the Carver Library. Features African American authors.

2005- -Divided Sky- -Based on a road trip experience.

2006- -Painted Desert- -Commissioned piece based on the Painted Desert.

2007 -Volcano- -Inspired by a geologist friend's volcano pictures from Argentina.

2008- -Cactus- -Inspired by my years growing up and camping in Arizona

2009- -Rubber Ducky- -Life became a lot different with an infant. Inspired by many baby baths.

2010- -Eukaryote Cell Diagram- -Inspired by old scientific diagrams.

2011- -Graduated- -Revisiting my Chemistry roots

2012- -Rockport Sunset- -Commissioned piece based on a photo of the ocean at sunset.

2013- -Stevie Ray- -Commissioned piece based on a photo of Stevie Ray Vaughn.

2014- -Family Tree- -I made this for my Grandma's 90th birthday, the first of many family trees.

2015- -A Little Bit of Space- -A series inspired by photos sent back by the Hubble telescope.

2016- -Multnomah Falls- -Inspired by the waterfall in Oregon. Original made for my brother and sister in law.

2017- -Peacock- -Quilting peacock feathers for a custom costume led to this piece.





Year- -Title

2002- -Zipper Bags and wallets-  -The first accessories I made were quilted zipper bags, and then wallets, checkbook covers, notebook covers, etc.

2003- -Headbands, cuffs, and belts-  -I have made so many headbands over the years. I love the pop of color and pattern they give. I also used to make reversible cuffs and belts.

2004- -Zipper Mirza purse - I named all my purse designs after monkey species. And for a while I was obsessed with zippers. This bag had six functional zipper pockets, even if the last was only big enough for a pencil.

2005- -Three panel Loris shoulder bag-  -My most popular purse style. The three pockets let me play with print combinations

2006- -Sparkle vinyl Saki -  -I love a good sparkle fabric and made a whole series of this style.

2007- -Volcano shoulder bag-  -I often made purse versions of my favorite wall hangings. Check out the volcano wall hanging this same year.

2008- -Quilted headband-  -Combining quilting and headbands

2009- -Elephant bibs-  -And here begins the kids products. 

2010- -Cell Diagram shoulder bag-  -I love old science diagrams

2011- -Black Joe Lewis suit-  -Commissioned Nudie inspired suit for Black Joe Lewis, worn on Letterman and Austin City Limits

2012- -Science Accessories-  -Smaller, utilitarian versions of my chemistry and biology designs.

2013- -Unicorn horn - I started making unicorn horns for my daughter's "Unicorns and Ninjas Dancing on Rainbows" party and they quickly became my top seller. 

2014- -Mermaid crown-  -commissioned for a very special birthday girl

2015- -Superhero scientist cape - I love making capes for kids, but this one is my favorite, chemistry themed

2016- -Golden Dawn Arkestra helm-  -performance headpiece drawing inspiration from falcon and cobra imagery 

2017- -Peacock vest jacket-  -Commissioned Mardi Gras costume, vest design by customer



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